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The artist at Paine's Creek Marsh, Cape Cod

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My name is Acqua.  I am a Cape Cod artist and healer who is inspired by the desire to help people help themselves.  With my jewelry line I use the energetic properties of semi-precious gemstones to support, empower, nourish, and promote overall well-being for my clients.  I have been called the "Rock Doc" due to my extensive knowledge of crystals and their healing potential.  All of my designs are handcrafted with carefully selected gemstones and love.

When I am not making jewelry I can be found in my sacred and cozy healing space where I offer Reiki and intuitive hands-on healing.  I listen deeply to my clients and provide support and reassurance with my hands and heart.  My fascination with "energy" inspires me to expand my awareness and deepen my ability to help others regulate and strengthen their own energetic fields.  My sessions are safe, sacred, and restorative.

Nature is my biggest muse.  Every day, no matter the weather, I am out adventuring with my rescue dog, Suki, on the many trails, beaches, and waterways of Cape Cod.  My connection to nature is essential to my well-being, bringing balance and presence to my every day life and rippling out into everything I create!

Acqua and Suki on the Brewster Flats, Cape Cod

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