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          What People are saying about Acqua Divine...


     "We love our psychic jeweler, rock doctor, full moon Goddess"  

      ~Elayne and Amy

       "Acqua can look at her pieces and pick two or three things for me, and inevitably one of them is perfect.                      She is wise and intuitive without being a pushy salesperson.  Her genuine connection with the stones and                    heartfelt connection with customers is a gift all around!  I am grateful to have this resource in my life!"

      ~Ann Ellis, LMT

       "Acqua's ability to honor the spirits and medicinal power of the stones brings more love and light into the                   world and radiant healing to all those that are blessed to adorn their bodies with her beautiful creations!"

       ~Reda, Shamanic Healer 


        "Acqua's knowledge of the stones and jewels she creates with is deep and intimate.  It is a delight to choose a                piece of Acqua's jewelry because the piece actually chooses you!  Just breathe, open your heart, and the right                creation will speak to you!" 



        "I feel more beautiful and very loved when I wear Acqua's jewelry!"



        "Acqua and I bonded very deeply and shared amazing sacred adventures.  One day she felt the intuition to gift            me a necklace out of moonstone.  She laid it on the table to see what would happen when I came over.  I came           in and went directly to the table and took the necklace in my hand.  I can tell you that this necklace was made           for me, and I am sure Acqua was guided through every step of the process, from being inspired and making it             to handing it to me.  She is so in tune with the sacredness of life and her jewelry is MEDICINE!"



        "Acqua's creations are a magical experience! Her method of tuning into an individual and seeking just the right           stones is true alchemy. Acqua's ability to intuitively incorporate healing elements of individual pieces allows               creation of these unique and sacred treasures.  I am constantly asked where did I get such amazing jewelry? I               feel happier, protected, and grounded when wearing her pieces. Functional art!  Enjoy her gifts and Be Well!



         "When I wear Acqua's pieces I feel like a goddess, my hand always reaching to stroke the smooth stones. I leave            her necklaces on for weeks at a time as they are made for comfort and to feel "right" for each owner. Let's just              say you'll know your "piece" when it finds you.  I always get compliments on her necklaces and know there is a            huge market for her art."

         ~Sheryl Allen 

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